Privacy Policy


At SmartSensorLab we take your privacy very seriously and wish to explain the type of data we collect about you and how it is used.

This privacy policy outlines our full data process, what non-personal and personally indefinable information is collected from you, and what this means in practice. It applies only to the data gathered by the SmartSensorLab team and some specified third parties.

Any information we collect is done so safely and securely using industry-standard methods. Please read on to learn more about our personal data collection and storage approach.

This privacy policy also covers your rights to access, correct, or remove your personal data under various jurisdictions.

By using SmartSensorLab apps or visiting the site you give consent to us processing your information in the ways outlined below.

If you do not agree with the collection of your data, please stop using any SmartSensorLab apps or the website.

This policy automatically applies whenever you load any such content.

Data We Might Collect

When you open our app, we might gather info, including that which might directly or indirectly identify you. This means info might be stored in an identifiable format or in a way that you are not personally linked to it.

Data collected directly from you in the background includes but is not limited to the type of device you are using (e.g., an iPhone), OS version, cell phone carrier, and location data if turned on.

When we collect location data, it is to:

  • Deliver location-specific content.
  • Deliver location-specific ads and marketing material.

Any data we collect is encrypted during transmission and storage.

SmartSensorLab does not let you access, update or remove your data autonomously. You must first send a request to our support team at as per your legal jurisdiction.


We collect data for Analytics purposes. These are measuring tools that help us learn about how you use our services so we can improve them for the best user experience possible.



If there is a time you register an account with our app or site, you will voluntarily provide information to us via the registration form.

This may include but is not limited to your name, email address, username, and so forth.


Data collected when you use our app or site might also include the pages accessed, time spent on the app, when you post or share material, upload data, request additional services, or make various requests depending on the functionality at the time. Whenever you interact with us, such as submitting forms or contacting the support team, this will be logged so we can process an adequate response.


We also collect data for advertising purposes. We provide these ad partners with certain data about the way you use our app and sites so they can target you with ads that are most suitable for you.

Large ad networks receive data from many other apps and sites and might use this in conjunction with the data gathered from SmartSensorLab to build a better picture of your habits and interests, serving personalized ads across the internet. We are not privy or responsible for any data that is not collected directly from SmartSensorLab.

You can find more information about the ad networks we partner with and the data they collect here:

Social Networks and App Stores

Furthermore, SmartSensorLab might also collect data from your registered account on social media and app sites that share data with app developers such as ourselves. We will never share or sell this data to third parties beyond the initial data collector and always use the appropriate means to safeguard your info.

Information collected commonly by these sites includes but is not limited to:

  • Your provided name
  • Email address
  • Info provided to social media or app sites that they share with app developers
  • Browser Cookies
  • IP Addresses
  • Advertising Identity
  • Unique device identifiers
  • Mobile device type
  • Mobile device unique ID
  • Mobile operating system

Social Sharing

As a feature, the app permits social media sharing which lets you share a link to the app or your actions and achievements within the app with friends and followers on your social accounts. Social networks are governed by age legislation, so you agree to meet the minimum age limit for using any social network in conjunction with our social sharing features.

App Payments

At times our app may charge for premium features and, therefore, we might use common third-party payment processors and associated app stores. We do not database nor have access to your card or other payment information, and this is encrypted at all times. This data is sent securely to the payment processor and is used according to their own privacy and security policies.

Below are the privacy policies of common app store payment processors:

Push Notifications

Push notifications, which are alerts sent to your mobile device, may be used for the purpose of updates, promotions, account-related info, and support responses. These are only sent with your consent, and you can deny these permissions when installing or after installing the app at any time.

Understanding Cookies

As part of many of these data collection methods, we and our associated advertisers and partners may recognize ‘cookies’ on your browser or mobile device. A cookie is a small file stored in the background that allows the app and other parties to remember you as a previous user.

This might be used for quick login, remembering your in-app preferences, and in the process of storing your browsing habits.

All browsers and devices permit the deletion or blocking of cookies, and you should refer to the associated settings to do so. Doing so, however, may disrupt your personalization and quick login capabilities.

More On How Your Data Is Used

SmartSensorLab might use your personal data for numerous reasons, including support responses, updates to the service, marketing messages, and to communicate times of maintenance and updates.

We might also use your data for any of the following:

  • Editorial purposes
  • User feedback analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Customer support
  • Analytics and data analysis for internal use
  • Market research
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • To Improve the user interface and experience
  • For public-facing statistics, such as leaderboards and promotion winners
  • For cross-device support
  • To save your current status within the app
  • For surveys and reviews
  • Email confirmations
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • If compelled by law enforcement or other government entities with legal jurisdiction

When data is submitted via any kind of app or web form that involves your voluntary participation, this constitutes your explicit consent to the aforementioned data uses.
Contact data may be stored securely where necessary in order to respond in an appropriate manner, i.e., an email or telephone response.

Children’s Privacy

Any child under the age of 13 is not permitted to use this app and as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will do everything within our technical capabilities to block access to under 13s and delete any stored data of under 13s if later discovered access has been gained against our terms.

Henceforth, SmartSensorLab also does not share any inadvertent personally identifiable data from users under 13 with third parties. Furthermore, we might limit how we collect, use, and store data of EU users between the ages of 13 and 16 due to European legal requirements.


SmartSensorLab adheres to European legislation on the storing of personal information and it is never kept longer than necessary for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.

Within GDPR jurisdictions you have the right to have your data changed, deleted, or blocked, and to receive copies of all information we hold upon email or written request using the following framework:

The Right To Request

You may request access to your data processed by the app, including the express reasons why it is being processed, the specific types of data being used, any parties that may be privy to the information, the length at which the data will be stored, copies of all data held about you in a reasonable digital format, bar any data restricted due to copyright or trade secrets.

The Right To Object

You may object to your data being processed on any grounds, in which case such processing will cease, unless legal requirements, such as a request by law enforcement to obtain your data as part of an investigation or during a legal defence by SmartSensorLab that requires your data as evidence, usurps your right to data privacy.

Your objection to the processing of your data automatically voids your right to use the app and you will no longer be able to open the app or make use of any of its features.

The Right To Corrections and Deletions

You may request information found to be incorrect be rectified or deleted altogether.

This may apply to:

  • Data that is no longer fit for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.
  • If, as mentioned above, you object to the processing of the data.
  • The data has been found to be processed unlawfully or SmartSensorLab has otherwise been instructed by legal authorities on your behalf to delete it.


Residents of California also have the right to obtain their personal information as it pertains to sharing with third parties for marketing purposes. You may request the erasure of this data by email or in writing and your request will be acknowledged within 10 days and processed within the legal timeframe of 45 days.

You may also ask for copies of the data only, under the “California Shine the Light Request” subject line. To speed up the process please include your email or mailing address.

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) is as follows:

Right To Know

You may request all information collected by SmartSensorLab upon confirmation of your identity and residence in California.

Right To Delete

You may request the erasure of the data held about you. However, any data held by a third party, such as an advertising network or payment processor may not be in our control. Therefore, you are advised to contact these directly as per the privacy policies outlined by their own websites or apps.

Right To Opt Out of Sale

You may opt-out to the sale or sharing of your personal information with third parties while permitting the collection of data for internal use by SmartSensorLab.

Right To Non-Discrimination

Under the CCPA we agree not to discriminate against you for exercising any of the aforementioned rights.

SmartSensorLab does not pass on or sell your data to third parties outside of those stated in the terms of this policy and uses the latest encryption technology to safeguard your data to the best of our ability.

At this time, we do not recognize browser Do Not Track signals as this is not a legal requirement and is not a universally adopted internet principle.

We reserve the right to hold data for the purposes of financial transactions you previously agreed to and are already under processing.

Privacy Policy Updates

SmartSensorLab reserves the right to update, amend, or otherwise change this privacy policy without individual warning to app users, though an update log may be posted within the app. It is the user’s responsibility to read, understand, and periodically check for policy updates.

We can be contacted at any time via